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Вторник, 23 Март 2021 12:39

Novruz Holiday

Let's plunge a little in the heart of this ancient, native to our souls and to our land of the holiday......
Novruz for each of us isn't really just a holiday meeting of spring, awakening nature and tradition.
Novruz is a particle of our common history, a particle left to our ancestors - Children of the Great Turkic Empire, whose voice and spirit runs through the veins through time, all the time speaking inside us.
Tradition, saturated with bright colors, believed, carrying the deepest meaning. The meaning of honoring the Four greatest strength of the Nature - is the elements that can be called sacred, without which life is impossible for human :
163585040_547389632964783_1955806353220557116_n.jpgEarth - that feeds and grow us.
Air - without which there is no breath of life.
Water - without which nature and people are lifeless desert.
Fire - the Sun over us, warming the whole earth, the "sun" in the house of each person, giving heat and food.
The ancestors of each of us since the oldest times being real children of nature, carried this wisdom and deep respect to the Tengri and presented to them the most important elements by Him - the Four elements on which the world of people is held from the century to century ......
Interesting and beautiful folk beliefs are connected with Novruz. Over time, they differ slightly with other peoples of our common big family - our ethnos, but the root is one,common like our huge family. We gi163199909_1150801168705005_2511936803547377102_n.jpgve an example some of them.
For example, in our country there is a tradition of fading a desire, jump through fire. But the meaning of this is much deeper. The fact that one of the elements is the fire, has a colossal power of purification. Cleansing the energy field of the Earth and the person himself. With the course of life, each person accumulates no little negative energy in it's energy grid. Element of fire possessing the cleansing power frees the person from the part of negative vibrations. Understanding this may have become the impetus to the use of the use of fire during rites and subsequent worldviews.
In the Borchalı (Kvemo Kartli, Georgia), many interesting traditions and beliefs associated with Novruz have been preserved. On the day of the celebration of the Novruz, each person must forgive people who are offended, all quarrels should be stopped. At certain days before the feast, a man of a pleasant desire comes out of the house, listening to the surrounding world of nature or overhearsing under the door (Gapy Pustu) near the living and first that hearse will learn his desire will improve or not.
163677659_796535437620420_408119264673415483_n.jpgGirls, gathering in a certain place baking a strong salt cake (Kullu Kombe). The preparation of the dough is engaged by a girl who has not yet been married to the girl from the group of the gathered, which is wishing to marry. The girl for whom to make a cake, eating it and goes to sleep. By believing in a dream, the one who will give the girl of the water to quench the thirst after salty cakes will become her husband.
No less interesting rite, which is called "silent water" (Dinmez su). It's meaning is that two people in the night, keeping silence heading towards a spring or river and gaining water as well, without uttering a word come back home. Pour a bit of brought water into a non-large bowl and lowered two needles into it, with a cotton planned on them. If the needles are connected in the water, then a padded young man or a girl will become a husband / wife for a person conducting a rite. If needles don't connect, then this is the sign that the beloved person is not on fate.
163284095_778937232738881_4711496315185231653_n.jpgBut the Ganly Muganly village is attracted to the greatest attention, which is 15 km from Tbilisi, in the Gara Yazy district of the Georgian Republic, where the Azerbaijani population is responsible compactly. Residents of this village, in addition to the listed and other traditions, retained the traditions of the costumes, a kind of carnival.
163058091_345068266906443_7233697887298968218_n.jpgThey are arranged by the exciting sight of the walking, where people are changed into various outfits, in which there are main common elements - a lion mask, a suit and a hat from sheep's skins, with bells attached to them. Special, important and excitement is the fact that this image during the celebration has a thousand-year history, the initial image that goes into deep antiquity. And watching it, you get as if in the time car, having the opportunity to "see and touch" to the ancestors and their culture. There is an incredible desire to express the huge respect for the inhabitants of Ganly Muganly for a reverent attitude to the memory of ancestors, for the fact that they remained unchanged and carried through the century.
Residents who can be an example to imitate in the revival of all the rest of the most ancient traditions of such distant, but so close to our souls and blood people of our common past.
In the tribute of respect for our history, in tribute to the ancestors, which was one of the most important rules of the brave empire. Each of us must honor and respect, transfer from generation to generation culture and traditions of our common Tree of life, which gave the shoots in the form of us. People, the pastly storing past, so ancient and rich - always has the future!
Research: Sabit Coculu
Author: Ina Babayeva
We express great gratitude and sincere appreciation from our team for providing information and for the photographic materials from the 163195193_3338752876226288_92121112833868751_n.jpgGanly Muganly to the respected Elbrus Mamedov!
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